Weekend Fixtures

Weekend Fixtures

No game for the 2nd XV this week, but the 1st and 3rd XVs are at home to Marr and Linlithgow, respectively. Both games kick off at 3 pm.

The 1st XV will line up as follows:

15 – Michael Hanning
14 – Matt Morrell
13 – Ciaran Whyte
12 – Seb Trotter
11 – Alan Whittingham
10 – Nick McCashin
9 – Fraser Strachan

1 –  Willie Aitken
2 – Hugh Lindsay
3 – Rhys Morgan
4 – Fraser Morrison
5 – Callum Hunter Hill
6 – Fraser Christie
7 – Ben Wilson
8 – Adam Howie

16 – Ruaridh Stewart
17 – Ruaridh Mitchell
18 – Stu Wilson
19 – Andrew Manson
20 – Andy Warnock

A few changes to the squad, with Angus Rennie and Neil Bowie dropping out due to injury. Andy Warnock joins the squad for the first time this season, while Banger makes a welcome return to the wing berth.

The Lions will play a showcase game on Pitch 1 from 2.40 pm onwards, while Invers is also hosting a reunion for the veterans of the legendary Kenya 88 and Colorado tours. Bring your autograph books down with you tomorrow!


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  1. Graham Black
    Graham Black5 years ago

    I watched the 3rds game against Lilithgow 2nds. Both my Sons were playing for Linlithgow. I also took lots of photographs admittedly they are taken from a Linlithgow prospective,there are also some good shots of some of your players.
    The pictures can be viewed on the Linlithgow Rugby Club Website on their Shutterfly site.
    I know your players enjoyed looking at the pictures I took last year.

    Thanks for your time.

    Graham Black

    • Bill McNie
      Bill McNie5 years ago

      Nice one, Graham – will let the troops know!

      As a former Linlithgow resident myself, it was particularly nice to hear from you!

      Bill (Webmaster)