Waine’s World – 27/12/12

Waine’s World – 27/12/12

Hi everybody,

Merry Christmas to one and all. I hope that Santa granted all your wishes – the ones you can talk about, anyway!

Sadly, the 2nd XV versus the “Under 20 Somethings” match succumbed to the weather, but the FP 1st XV match against Biggar survived the elements (just).

For the second week in a row, I watched a game where the opposition and its supporters suffered near apoplexy with the decisions of the referee. I was most upset when I politely asked a Biggar chap to stop shouting at the officials and he retorted that I didn’t know what I was talking about! I felt compelled to say that I hadn’t said anything or commented on any decisions by the whistler (Yosser will back me up). It seems that I can now talk rubbish without even opening my mouth – I hear many (led by Buff Forsyth) saying that this has been apparent for years!

For the record, I thought the young referee and his assistants, in difficult conditions, controlled the game well. I was going to point out to the Lanarkshire contingent on my touchline that all their points came from penalties and that there had been a blatant forward pass before the award that led to their try – but, in the cause of world peace and Christmas spirit, I kept my counsel!

In a more serious vein, the final score was 19-19 and Gavin Calder gave an excellent account of proceedings on the website. Also good wishes to Jonny Macdonald, who took a head knock on Saturday – I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that it hasn’t spoilt your festive season too much.

This Saturday (29th December), the FP 1st XV play Watsonians in a Cup match (2 pm kick off at Inverleith) and this is preceded by the much awaited Past Captains fixture which has a 12.30 kick off.

As a reminder, the teams are:

Mike Crawley XV

 Mike Crawley – capt. (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)

Max Campbell (SMC and St Andrews Univ)

Jamie Cook (SMC and GlasgowUniv)

Sam Berguius (SMC and St Andrews Univ)

Ben Docherty (SMC and Glasgow Univ)

Andrew St. Clair (SMC and Glasgow Univ)

Roddy How (SMC and Heriot Watt Univ)

Stewart Shaw (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)

Alex Hagart (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)

Andrew Wilson (SMC and California Univ)

Jonny Gilfillan (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)

Andrew Warnock (SMC and Glasgow Univ)

Matt Hannay (SMC and St Andrews Univ)

Jamie Johnstone (SMC and Newcastle Univ)

Rory Cook (SMC, Telford College and SRU)

Rory Warnock (SMC, Telford College and SRU)

Mitch Logan (SMC and Glasgow Univ)

Torquil Murray (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)


Ross McPhail XV 

Ross McPhail – capt. (SMC and Durham Univ)

Lewis Millar (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)

Issac Miller (SMC and Loughborough Univ)

Hugh Lindsay (SMC and Stirling Univ)

Ruari Stewart (SMC and Edinburgh Univ)

Ben Johnstone (SMC and Bath Univ)

Justin Duncan (SMC)

Stuart McLaren (SMC and Edinburgh Univ)

Neil Bowie (SMC and Napier University)

Struan Murray (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)

Ross Grant (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)

Leo Bargery (SMC and St Andrews Univ)

Jack Hannay (SMC and St. Andrews Univ)

Sean Murchie (SMC and St. Andrews Univ)

Andrew Hughes (SMC and Leeds Univ)

Gregor Porteous (SMC and Aberdeen Univ)

Rory Fenn (SMC and Edinburgh Univ)

Adam Greig (SMC and Edinburgh Univ)

Charlie Taylor (SMC and Newcastle Univ)

Please be at Inverleith for 11.45 for the official team photograph and, hopefully, everybody will stay to watch the FP 1st XV and have a few beers afterwards.

Kempy – please remember that you have “official” permission to referee! Also – Bonker, you are required with kit!

Likewise, I met Patrick Heaton-Armstrong and Kris Leask in Stockbridge at lunchtime and invited (instructed) them to take part. If you see them, make sure that they know that they are welcome. If there are any problems with the weather, I will email you and ask Bill to put a message on the website.

Finally, as 2012 draws to a close, can I thank all those who have worked so hard to keep Stew Mel at the forefront of Scottish Rugby? I would like to mention just a few: coaches (FP, Lions and School), the FP Committee, Willie and his Assistant Groundsmen, Players, Sponsors and Supporters. You know who you are, and how much work it takes to keep an amateur club running.

Hope to see you on Saturday – but, if I don’t – Happy New Year!

Keep Smiling,


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