Waine’s World – 19/12/12

Waine’s World – 19/12/12

Hi everybody,

Comments on Saturday 15th December and Arrangements for the “Under 20 Something” Matches

The frost relented, the snow stopped and the sun even tried to shine! Inverleith was deemed playable and the 2nd XV league match against Heriot’s was on! Even better news was to follow. Stoneyhill was still iron hard, but the 1st XV cup match against Musselburgh was transferred to Pitch 1, so, after 5 weeks of inactivity, the Red, Black and Gold diehards had the choice of not one but two matches and were temporarily saved from the rigours of Christmas shopping!

At 3.40 the Stew Mel smiles were even broader as the 2nds downed the Nails’ colours by 12-3 and the 1st XV recorded an encouraging 27-14 victory after a disappointing run of 4 defeats.

I watched the 2nd XV and, despite only 15 points being scored in 80 minutes, the match had everything, from big hits and mazy running to unforced errors and refereeing controversy. After a nervy first 5 minutes, the young Stew Mel XV hit a purple patch and the first score arrived courtesy of some great back play – orchestrated by Ross Grant – allowing Matt Hannay with excellent footwork to go in under the posts. Much patience and good ball-retention then allowed the forwards to lay siege to the Nails’ line, and, after a number of collective breenges, Nick Whittle forced his way over. Ross converted the first try but failed with his second attempt.

Heriot’s then hit back with a penalty, and, after 15 minutes, that was the end of the scoring – but certainly not the excitement. Neil Bowie, with one of his trademark big hits on the Heriot’s danger man, set the tone of our defensive effort, and the Nails decided that making progress through their enormous front row was the most likely way to success. Although the home side did a fair amount of attacking, the abiding memories of the 2nd half were a backs to the wall defensive effort and Heriot’s getting more and more frustrated with refereeing decisions which they felt were not going their way. As an absolute neutral, I could not see the cause of their angst!

With our only bench-man, Kempy, already on the pitch and the elder statesmen in the team running on empty tanks, it looked as though all might be for nought – but, somehow, we held on for a famous victory! Great scenes of joy and the singing of a well known SMC ditty in the showers complimented the smiles of Duncan and Burge (the coaches).

The 1st XV scored 5 tries through Scott Brewster, Chris Damsteegt, Jonny Macdonald, Borth and Adam Greig. The coaches were relieved to get a much needed game and a win over a very competitive Musselburgh side before next Saturday’s crucial league match against Biggar at Inverleith (2 pm).

Emma MacColl (wife of the Director of Rugby) summed up: “Thank goodness – two victories! Malcolm will be in a good mood, it will now be a happy weekend and I can even cope with entertaining Adam Preedy to dinner!” There is a little poetic licence in this statement – sorry, Adam!

Before the Biggar game, the “Under 20 somethings” will play against a Stew Mel Select XV with a 12.30 kick off. The following squad has been selected:

Forwards:                                                            Backs:

Max Campbell                                                  Jonny Gilfillan

Stewart Shaw                                                    Struan Murray

Isaac Miller                                                        Torquil Murray

Lewis Millar                                                       Jack Hannay

Sam Bergius                                                       Rory Warnock

Andrew St Clair                                                  Mike Crawley

Justin Duncan                                                    Sean Murchie

Stuart McLaren(!)                                            Andrew Hughes

Ross McPhail                                                     Jamie Johnstone

Roddy How(!)                                                   Leo Bargery

Andrew Wilson                                                Mitch Logan

Not considered for selection:

Ross Grant, Gregor Porteous, Rory Cook, Neil Bowie, Ruaridh Stewart,  Adam Greig (playing for the F.P. select)

It is not too late to put yourself up for selection if you would like to play!

Please be at Inverleith ready to warm up (yes, I said warm-up!) at 11.45. The club will provide shirts, and, after the 1st XV match, we will have a social in the clubhouse. It could be a late night!  If there are any problems, please get in touch with me by email (pgmrugby@hotmail.co.uk) – but you are not allowed to say that you can’t play!

The following week (29th December), before the Watsonians Cup game (2 pm), the Past Captains XV’s will comprise of the following players:

Forwards                                                                                                             Backs

Ben Docherty                                                                                                    Ross Grant

Andrew Wilson                                                                                                 Jonny Gilfillan

Jamie Cook                                                                                                         Struan Murray

Ross McPhail                                                                                                     Mike Crawley

Hugh Lindsay                                                                                                     Andrew Warnock

Sam Bergius                                                                                                       Gregor Porteous

Max Campbell                                                                                                  Mitch Logan

Stewart Shaw                                                                                                    Rory Fenn

Isaac Miller                                                                                                        Rory Warnock

Ben Johnstone                                                                                                  Andrew Hughes

Ruaridh Stewart                                                                                               Torquil Murray

Andrew St. Clair                                                                                               Sean Murchie

Lewis Millar                                                                                                       Jamie Johnstone

Justin Duncan                                                                                                    Rory Cook

Neil Bowie                                                                                                         Charlie Taylor

( a well known prop!)                                                                                     Matt Hannay

Adam Greig                                                                                                        Jack Hannay

 (yes, he was a wing forward)                                                                     Andrew Campbell

Roddy How

 (I always wanted to be a wing forward!)

Stuart McLaren

 (I don’t know what the positions in Rugby are anyway!)

Stuart Biddle

(I will play if I am desperately needed – you are!)

If I have missed your name out please let me know! For example, Max Bachelor – where are you? If you have not yet contacted me and would like to play, please let me know. There might even be a game for the legendary Pool Man, Danger, Bonker and one or two other stalwarts from the Mighty 3’s!

The teams and captains will be published early in the week but please let me know if there are any difficulties as soon as possible. Remember, you are not allowed to say that you can’t play! Again, the idea is to kick off at 12.30, watch the 1st XV and then have debrief in the clubhouse!

I don’t have emails for Jonny Gilfillan, Struan Murray, Mitch Logan and Ben Johnstone but I have been assured that they can play. Please can everybody make sure that the arrangements are passed on to them?

Keep Smiling, 


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