Club History

Scoring Feats

In the early days of the club low scores appear to have been the norm so there were no outstanding performances by individuals. However, in 1913/14 the club scored over 200 points for the first time and Ivan Tait contributed a staggering 40 tries! Needless to say this is a feat never bettered. Tait did mange 23 tries in 1920/21 after recovering from severe wounds from the First World War.

L.S. Kinnear succeeded Tait on the wing and managed to score 4 tries in a match against Kelvinside Academicals in his first season. He repeated this feat in 1929 when he played against Hartlepool Rovers while on holiday in Edinburgh having taken up an appointment in London. In the same year, J.W. Scott our international forward scored all three tries in a win against Dunfermline.

Most tries in a season

I. Tait 40
A.G. Blair 20
I.W. Forsyth 19
A.J.W. Hinshelwood 17
A.L. Fraser 17

The Club’s most high scoring wing three quarter was A.G. Blair although many of his points resulted from his goal kicking. He was the originator of the ’round the corner’ style of kicking. In 1929/30 he scored 78 points and A.L. Fraser scored a record 11 tries as a forward. The following year, Blair managed to score 78 points despite being injured for half of the season.

In 1934/35 Blair twice scored four tries in a game and ended the season with a total of 155 points.

After the Second World War T.G Weatherstone scored many fine tries during the Fifties but due to injuries never scored more than 13 in one season. In 1955 K. R. Macdonald set up a Club record by scoring 5 tries in a game against Kelvinside Academicals.

Most tries in a game

K.R. Macdonald 5
L.S.Kinnear 4
A.G.Blair 4
A.E.Bennet 4
H.P.Mather 4
H.B. Johnson 3
J.B.Borthwick 3
J.W. Scott 3

Most points in a game

J.C.M. Sharp 23
A.G.Blair 19

A.J.W. Hinshelwood set a post war record for 17 tries in season 1961/62 and he repeated the feat again in 1965/6 his last year with the club. This total was surpassed by I.W.Forsyth who scored 19 tries in 1969/70.

Undoubtedly, the most outstanding scoring feats are those of the Sharp brothers, Clark and Gregor who both scored over 1000 points for the Club.

Most points in a season

A.G.Blair 155
G. Sharp 144
J.C.M. Sharp 126
G. Armstrong 114
F.C.H. McLeod 10

Clark who played from 1950 to 1962 scored 46 tries, dropped 6 goals, kicked 210 conversions and 149 penalty goals for a total of 1023 points. Gregor played from 1953 to 1968 . His most successful year was 1963/64 when he scored 144 points. Nonethless, his most remarkable achievement was kicking over 80 drop goals during his distinguished career with the club.