Club History

The club was founded in 1875, when a match took place between the former pupils of Daniel Stewart’s Hospital and George Watson’s College. The club took on its present form following the merger of Daniel Stewart’s College and Melville College in 1973.

The club plays at Inverleith, which was the venue for Scotland’s home games between 1899 and 1925, during which time the first match againsThe club has a deep tradition and history that has affected every aspect of thet New Zealand was played. Inverleith still boasts some of the best playing facilities in Edinburgh, if not Scotland. Click here to see the club’s Scotland players.

The website provides the opportunity to provide a history of the development and achievements of the club. The story of the club is told in three distinct sections.

Stewart’s College FP RFC

The material for these sections comes from the late Ronnie Sharp, Honorary member of the FP Club, who produced a wonderful history of Stewart’s FP to mark the centenary of the old club.

Melville College FP RFC

The history of Melville FP relies on the great archives that are held in the clubhouse at Inverleith. The website and club are indebted to Ernie Wilkins for the tireless work that he undertook in his role as Secretary and Treasurer for the FP Club and for the documents and photos that he uncovered for the web site.

Stewart’s Melville College FP RFC

The history of the combined club is being collated. Stewart’s Melville has now been playing for 37 years and, already, the success on and off the pitch has been outstanding. It also, however, shows how the club has to adapt and change to reflect the different environment that club rugby in Scotland now operates in.