SuperSaturday VETS v Staff Saturday 19 March 2016

SuperSaturday VETS v Staff Saturday 19 March 2016

Saturday 19 March 2016 and Super Saturday started off at Inverleith. The SMC Staff gamely challenged the VETS to a match to which the VETS accepted!

It was a “game of two halves” .  Kicking off in the glorious sunshine the VETS dominated the first half. and scored most of their points. The whistle blew signifying a well deserved lie down for the VETS, but no sooner had they got their breath back, the referee was calling for the second half. Younger legs and stamina of the Staff proved vital in the second half, and they came back strongly scoring the same amount of points as the VETS.

The result? A well deserved DRAW.  Congratulations to both teams, a great fun day of rugby was enjoyed by both players and spectators.

After the game the teams retired to the clubhouse for the after-match tea and a few beers whilst watching the climax of the 6 Nations.

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