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  • Please complete the details below. All medical information received will be held by the Club in the strictest confidence, for the purposes of club management and administration to ensure the safety your child to participate in activities associated with the Club and will not be passed to any third party. It is a condition of participating in the Club's rugby that medical information which may affect the child is provided. If you have any concerns, please speak to any coach or the Child Protection Officer.
  • As the parent/guardian of your child, by submitting this form, you are deemed to consent to your child receiving first aid, medical treatment and care as appropriate and that you undertake to inform the coach and/or the Child Protection Officer as soon as possible of any change to the medical information supplied above.
  • The Club is an open and inclusive club which attempts to encourage all children to play and enjoy rugby and all parents agree to behave in accordance with our code of conduct and to encourage their children to do likewise. It is a condition of membership that either you, or another nominated responsible individual, remain present throughout all training sessions and/or tournaments. The Club, the coaches and officials of the Club are under no liability whatsoever for loss of property, accidents or injuries of or to your child, however caused during the course of training, preparation, coaching or tournaments played at Inverleith or at other clubs. As the parent / guardian of your child, by submitting this form you are deemed to have consented to these conditions. If you have any concerns, please speak with any coach or the Child Protection Officer.
  • The Club may take photographs/videos of the players during training and/or tournaments. These may be used for training purposes and there may be occasions when the Club will reproduce photographs of players on the Club website (currently, Club social networking sites and in Club programmes and similar Club promotional materials. As the parent/guardian of your Child, by submitting this form, you are deemed to have consented to photographs/videos being taken and to the use of these photographs/videos as set out above.
  • The Club will record and use the following information for the purposes of establishing and maintaining Club membership and for providing or administering Club and ancillary activities for the benefit of the individual players only. The information will not be used otherwise, and will not be released to third parties. The Club will generally communicate with players and parents via the relevant section of the Club website, however it may also be necessary to contact parents using the email address provided here and, in emergencies, via the mobile telephone number provided here. As the parent/guardian of the player, by pressing submit, you are deemed to have consented to the recording, use and distribution of all of this information in the manner set out above.
  • By submitting this form, you are deemed to be aware of the CLub's Safety Good Practice Guidelines, Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct for Safeguarding Children in Rugby and agree to work in partnership with the Club to promote your Child's safe participation in Rugby


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