Stew Mel Lionesses At BT Murrayfield

Stew Mel Lionesses At BT Murrayfield

The heavens opened, the wind howled and Edinburgh beat Grenoble. But this was not the major event of the night for the 6 brave Lionesses who faced the tail end of Storm Abigail on Friday the 13th. The SRU had asked for the girls sections of several clubs at U12 and U15 to provide a Guard of Honour for the fixture along with some elite training, a Q&A session with 2 of Scotland’s Women’s team, a signing session with 6 of the Edinburgh Rugby squad and a game played before the main game and at half time.

Sadly the training session and the games were called off due to the inclement weather but the signing session proved to be a lively event with the girls from the various clubs ensuring they got signatures from all the players involved. One of the Edinburgh Rugby squad was an ex Stew Mellian George Turner who seemed happily bemused to see the Stew Mel Lions top and cheerfully posed for photographs with the girls. We wish him the best of luck in his endeavours.

Next came the Q&A sessions with the Scottish Internationalists who provide extremely strong role models for all the girls in the room. Each team was given the chance to ask a question and I think the ladies were made to think about their answers as it focused on their motivations to play and achieve high honours in Women’s Rugby. After that it was a short jog to the pitch where the girls walked around the edge waving to the valiant crowd who faced the weather conditions with incredible gusto. After a short wait the teams came out with our girls waving their flags with great enthusiasm for the home team, after which it was back to the suite to don warm clothes.

The girls stayed to watch most of the match which was a great opportunity for them to see the game played at a professional level from a pitchside viewpoint. At this point thanks have to be given to the parents who came and supported the girls from start to finish and continue to show considerable keenness. Notable mention of the night has to go to Ursula who as a P1 showed a fantastic level of enthusiasm on a cold and wet night, but never stopped smiling.

Finally, thank you to the SRU’s Sarah Quick for giving the girls the opportunity to have such a great night. We hope we can do it again sooner rather than later.

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