Mighty 3s Match Report

Mighty 3s Match Report

There’s something happening down at Inverleith these days ……. something good.

Instead of the usual chase around for players, we actually found ourselves in the most enviable position of being able to select a team on Friday afternoon …… yes actually select a 3rd xv!  With the luxury of choice we were always going to have some high quality fare on view …… the game did not disappoint!

One wag on the touchline suggested we should perhaps consider charging spectators! He’s maybe onto something so high was the standard …… I ran Gary Callander, (former Scotland Captain) home last night to the Borders and he remarked that no other Club in Scotland plays rugby in such a natural style …… praise indeed boys. 

It really was terrific rugby from start to finish and in no small part down to our guests from the south side of town who entered into the spirit of the day. They are a credit to their club. ‘Smiler’, Captain of Currie, kindly agreed to let us field as many players as we wanted and in exchange, we offered to ensure that they would always have 15 players on the pitch …… love it when a plan comes together!

But back to the match itself.

Numbers were always going to come through in the end but Currie had to be subdued first and it was honours even for the first 15 minutes or so until the deadlock was broken when the gifted Rhys Gilroy notched up two fine solo tries. This young man could easily play first team rugby …… Sesh take note! Sadly having praised Hayden Mortis for his fine goal kicking against Forresters ….. his attempts to convert Rhys’s scores fell into the category of …… nice try …… no cigar!  

Spurred on by our 10 nil lead the burly Paul Dixon then took matters into his own hands and rocked up over for the next two ……. he’s one powerful lad and, like Rhys, will be playing at a much higher level next week. Again Hayden decided to keep the game tight and missed the conversions!

20 pts up it looked like a one way ticket but not a bit of it as the young open-side flanker from Currie pegged the visitors back ….. clearly not here to make up the numbers. 

Half-time wholesale changes ensured.

Johny Brock and Jed Gordon came on for Hayden and Andy Bryce and the entire pack changed apart from Paul to allow the rest of the boys a run out. Truth is, despite the years since many had last played, they quickly gelled together. David Durie, Phil Hendry, Andy Davidson, Duncan C all rolled up their sleeves to combine with the much more youthful Scott Cubbit, Willie Malcolm and Gavin Macdonald.

The impetus of fresh blood allowed the backs freedom to score freely in the 2nd half with Johny Brock showing some sublime touches to notch up a couple of fine scores. 

As Currie tired we threw on some reserves to bolster their side. Lindsay stepped on for his debut for Currie at the ripe old age of 57 …… quickly followed by Andy Bryce and Gregor MacPhail. Is this not what rugby is all about.  

We have no truck for one-sided runaway results but when I say that, there really was no need Andy to scamper in for a fine solo try in Currie colours !!

Final score 47 – 17

Truth is whilst it was good to win it was even better to see so many down enjoying each others company and hopefully it won’t be a one off. Interesting to hear David Durie afterwards when he remarked that the contact was far greater than he had expected ….. not playing games here David!

Sadly we only have 10 more games before the season has gone so we urge you to keep the momentum up and see if we can go through unbeaten from here on out ….. why not.

In my usual Sunday Sermon mode Gregor MacPhail and Craig Smith you are more than able to progress upwards …… Gregor give yourself a shake man ….. Craig lose some weight !! You are both fine rugby players.

Special thanks though to Ruth who kindly gave up her afternoon to look after everyone from both sides.  She was a busy girl attending to the walking wounded.

Also to Colin Smart who entered into the spirit of the day and allowed the game to flow so freely.  

Thanks too to the Willie and Denise for hot showers and hot pies ….. the day complete! 

But we end with a note of slight sadness in that TJ and Rob have played their last games for the Club as both head back next week to New Zealand and Oz.  What a couple of gems they are. What a privilege it has been to have you amongst us for such a short while ….. both brought no little talent to the table, both brought great credit to themselves and their families.

May we thank you both for being part of us and sharing your time and talents.

Haste ye back to Scotland one day.

Fin, Jim and Richard  

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