Mighty 3s Match Report

Mighty 3s Match Report

In the much acclaimed film ” Chariots of Fire ”, Eric Liddle was asked ” where did it come from, his desire ” ……….. ” it comes from within ”, he replied.

Over the years I’ve often thought it was the perfect response, for it does, desire, it comes from within, for no-one can make you tackle, no-one can force you to cover back in the corner …… no-one forces you to pitch up on a cold Saturday morning in late November. It does, desire, it comes from within.

Yesterday at Malleny Park wasn’t just a game, it was much more than that for everyone who took part.

Let me set the scene.

Park up the life long rivalry with our arch nemesis Max, our lads arrived to find that with the hard overnight frost, the pitches were just unplayable. Sensibly the decision was then made to play on Currie’s most impressive 3G pitch.

The Currie lads rallied round to erect the posts, their 1sts and 2nds finished their training session early to accommodate us, and we had a game on our hands.

But let’s be honest though Currie were slightly better than us especially at the lineouts where we struggled to compete ……. not really helped by the fact we had no-one to throw in as poor Martin Kemp had to call off due to plumbing issues …… hopefully he recovers soon!! Calum Hanratty, gamely stepped into the front row, another first for him, but with that, it was uncontested scrums from the off.

But, in a way, it made our decisions easier for whilst the modern game is hell bent on kicking to the corner for a rumble over through the pack, we had to run to everything from everywhere, penalties, scrums, free kicks……!

The net result was 80 minutes of pulsating rugby, nine tries split between us ….. note to Mark Dodson, all rugby should be played on 3G pitches from November to March! Currie’s 3G pitch is a marvel ……. well done to all at Currie RFC or Edinburgh City Council or both who made this facility possible.

But back to match, we were up against it and, to be truthful, only some heroic tacking kept the scores within touching distance but we were picking up injuries in the process. Andrew Brock, back after a false start at Forresters, managed only 30 minutes before his knee gave again. Andrew you’re a fine lad and a fine footballer too – get yourself down to physio! Graeme Mitchell switched to scrum half then he too suffered a similar fate ….. up stepped TJ !

Oh TJ you are so gifted you little rascal!

Outside him another talented lad from the Antipodes …… Rob Truscett, on exchange with the school, kept us in the game. It was wonderful stuff from the pair of them.

In the midfield though the still competitive Kiwi Hayden Lingard set the tone …… ouch can he tackle!

But in the end, having run everyone to standstill, Currie edged home in the last couple of minutes. Truthfully, with uncontested scrums and no lineout ball, it was probably a fair result but nevertheless a huge sense of disappointment prevailed amongst this special group of guys ….. Ally Duncan and Lindsay Ross sharing 100 years of life between them plodding round to make sure you all have a game.

Hugh pitching up from Brisbane, a pal of Rob’s ……. Ian Wood up from Ipswich for the weekend gamely competed in his first game for two years …. you are both welcome back anytime.

Am I wrong …… I don’t think so …… desire it comes from within.


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