Mighty 3s Match Report

Mighty 3s Match Report

Match report – Forrester’s 2nds 31 – Stew Mel 3rds 55

” not playing games here ……… this was some rugby football match today at South Gyle.

But before showering too much praise on ourselves, we should firstly acknowledge that it takes two teams to serve up an 86 pts thriller and our

hosts made us work for this hard earned victory.

Rugby Scotland

Forrester Rugby Club brings great credit to the amateur game in Scotland. Good lads, well coached, a great club house ….. and even better, hot showers !!

The difference between the sides …… the Orkney lad, Tom Croy. The strapping Kirkwall lad has everything you want from a rugby player, good hands, stacks of power, loves contact and oh yes …… just that little bit of edge! Tom where have you been all season??

But even despite having the big Orcadian in our ranks, twenty minutes into the second half, the game poised at 31 -36 in our favour, it was looking like it might just slip away from us ……. but wait this Stew Mel side is made of sterner stuff and the last quarter was all ours.

Whisper it we’ve uncovered a few nuggets down the club. Sean Nisbet on the wing has gas to burn and, when fitter, could pose a real threat further up the sides. He reminds me of ‘Campo’ …… kids if you don’t know google David Campese for not once but twice Sean turned in two great scores hitch kicking his way to the line.

rugby scotland

But Sean would be the first to admit that he had some talent playing alongside him.

Richard Borthwick, once again, smacked class until one step too far felt his groin tweak and was very much a passenger for the last twenty. Richard when you are ready …… your shirt awaits.

Our midfield also saw the most welcome return of Hayden Lingard to the Stew Mel colours. This is one able Kiwi and, like Richard, we would love to see him playing more when he can.

At stand off Rory Anderson turned in a fine performance too. As brave as a Lion when it comes to the tackling chores …… but let’s be honest though, couldn’t kick a place kick to save his life!

No matter though we have found someone who kicks them for fun ….. Hayden Mourtis, who, by the end, was slotting them over from either touchline …… maybe he was an All Black trialist after-all ???

But whilst we can praise the backs, our pack was quite magnificent. Between Al Murray, The Pub Landlord, Martin Kemp and our President, they absolutely held the show together up front. Between them there is 137 years of life …… perhaps the defibrillator should be packed next week!

Well done guys because without the three of you there is no game ……

In the second row Calum MacDonald is starting to get fitter with some rampaging runs and fine off loads too. John Hancock, despite wearing his old man’s shorts, is coming along fine ….. we will make something of you John.

Before the match I asked the Mustard Man for a ‘Robshawesk’ performance and that’s exactly what we got ….. and as always, alongside him, Gregor McPhail gives his all.

As for his brother Ross …… 100 lines for next week.  ” if I say I am playing I am playing !”

Spare a thought though for Andrew Brock and Sam Croy who pitched up to aid the cause. Unfortunately Andrew broke down in the warm up and Sam seized up in the first half. There will be plenty more days for you both.

And lastly special thanks to your captain Graeme who cajoles everyone ….. we’ve got a good thing going ….. Penicuik at home next week


Keep the faith.
Fin, Jim and Richard ”

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