Match Report v Jed-Forest Saturday 17 October

Match Report v Jed-Forest Saturday 17 October

““We want our umlauts back,” Lena Normann has told a press conference in Lindström, Minnesota, “and we want them now. Those were not just two dots on the road signs, because ö is a significant letter in Swedish, with its own sound. You can’t just take those dots away. Lindström means ‘linden stream’ in Swedish, but Lindstrom doesn’t mean anything.”

Inverleith had a Scandanavian feel to it on Saturday with the large extended family of our second row Alexander Rappested in attendance and the umlauts story can be highlighted as a punctuation issue. Similarly, our apostrophe (as in Stewart’s) often sadly disappears on opposition websites – so keep the umlauts and the apostrophe. It can be a common cause for Sweden and Stewart’s Melville.
There was a fear and nervousness about our play on Saturday that is reflected by our position in the league. Jedforest have the Young brothers and Fraser Harkness all former Scotland seven-a-side players in their ranks and this gave composure to Jedforest that we lacked. Having said that, we coped well with those individuals and the first half was fairly even – our loose play proving more than a match for our visitors. The line-out malfunctioned in this period, the consequence of this is that we have to defend more than we should and when we kick a penalty to touch there is a nervousness that we will lose the resultant line out. In Spowart and Berrisford we have two athletic forwards that should be easily hoisted and should be able to secure our ball, indeed as the game wore on they did – along with Adam Howie.

A long range penalty kicked by Mein was the only score in the opening 40 minutes. Jedforest were not playing particularly well, however, and all we needed at this point was a bit of composure. Sean Murchie and Ciaran Whyte were showing themselves to be every bit as dangerous as the opposition in attack. Ten minutes into the second half Jed rumbled over through Hogg with Mein converting, and, from the kick off Jed struck again with Lewis Young completing a flowing move. The conversion meant the score was 17-0 to Jedforest.

There had been little in the previous 60 minutes to suggest any other outcome than a comfortable Jed win. With the contest gone we relaxed and started to play a bit of decent rugby – we started to play with our heads up and looked as if we were enjoying ourselves. The substitutions including both Frasers enlivened the proceedings and into the last ten minutes Ciaran scored a lovely individual try that he converted. Cool heads were lacking though, as with 3 minutes left, we passed up a penalty in front of the sticks – that would have put us in bonus point territory. Even if we had scored through running the penalty we still needed to score again. Cool heads and a throw to Richie Gray would probably have secured a world cup semi-final spot for Scotland so the excitement of battle means logic can disappear and is not confined to club level.

Euan Bowen started in his preferred position for the first time and will have benefitted from exposure and it was great to see Ben Wilson back in the fold – contributing in the dark areas of wing forward play.

Last Spring we travelled to Dundee and secured a bonus point victory in one of the best displays in recent years.

There is no reason why we can’t perform to the same level as other teams in this league at the moment we are just not executing well enough – we have the players

Gav Calder

Many of the residents of Lindström are of Swedish descent. They too are aghast at the decision by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to remove umlauts. The department cites federal standards prohibiting punctuation on road signs. By law, the umlauts should have been removed in the 1990s, but “I gave Lindström special dispensation to keep its umlauts,” now-retired state employee and Swedish-born Mark Wikelius has admitted. “I’m a hundred per cent Swedish, so I understand what umlauts are and how much they mean to people. To me, it was the right thing to do.”

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