Match Report: v Dundee HS Saturday 25 October

Match Report: v Dundee HS Saturday 25 October

Dundee HS 24-7 Stewart’s Melville RFC

A cursory glance at the BT National League One table would indicate that if we are going to survive in this league we are going to have to play better. The previous two games against Musselburgh and Jedforest saw performances that have not been good enough and approaching the Dundee game the coaches and players knew that.

We can feel sorry for ourselves, we can bitch about our team mates or coaches, we can blame it on Nick McCashin’s injury or we can buckle down and resolve to do everything we can as individuals to make a better team or club and drive a way forward. President Xi Jinping*( pronounced [ɕǐ tɕînpʰǐŋ]), a visitor to our shores has many critics, but the increased prosperity of 1.3billion Chinese people is unarguable. Similarly, there has to be a way forward in our club for the common good.

Saturday’s performance against Dundee was much, much, better. Dundee, are a good improving team, especially at home and seem to have bought into a new coaching set-up. They are playing on the gain line and in Herron and O’Sullivan they have a couple in the centre of the back-line hungry for ball and contact. It was no surprise that both were on the scoresheet in an attritional first half. They have many experienced players throughout the team the Dymocks, Levison and Alan Brown.

We kicked off playing with the wind and through tenacious defence and our own attacks we managed to keep in the contest. We turned round only five points down as Sean Murchie rounded off a flowing move which was no more than we deserved.

Our line out was a thing of beauty, Berrisford, Spowart and Howie didn’t lose a throw and even managed to disrupt a few and what a difference that makes. So take a bow all concerned it looks like hard work at training with line out drills is paying dividends. Make no mistake if we had not ‘on it’ in this match, there was a drubbing on the cards.

Half-time then, 12-7 to Dundee. The second half saw Bowie introduced for Bowen and Ruairidh Stewart for Ben Wilson. Unfortunately, Neil was, perhaps a bit harshly, awarded a yellow card and the loss of a player led to us conceding another try. Mid-way through the half Dundee wrapped up their bonus and took their total to 24 and there was to be no more scoring from either side.

We have developed a nice little play involving constant peeling round the side continually probing the blind side. Ciaran Whyte, Michael Hanning, Ross McCann and Sean Murchie all looked full of running but we have to give them quick ball over the gain line – they all just had too much to do on the counter and we could not release them on a one vs one.

Once again, as last week, the substitutions, in particular Manson, brought a bit of energy but we were unable to add to our points score.

Next week then GHA, tasty

Gavin Calder

*The difference between capitalism and communism? Under capitalism, man exploits his fellow man. Under communism, it’s exactly the opposite.

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