Match Report SM Mighty 3’s v Edinburgh Northern 2nd : Saturday 21 November

Match Report SM Mighty 3’s v Edinburgh Northern 2nd : Saturday 21 November

Edinburgh Northern 2nd XV 7-72 SM Mighty 3’s

The Mighty 3’s took to the pitch with a little trepidation as, not unusually, it had been a difficult week for selection. To compound anxiety, the “Doc” was called into A and E at the last minute, Stuart McLaren was unable to get away from work and Stu Thom was held up at his son’s birthday party. None were able to play and the Management Team’s blood pressure was approaching boiling point – organising the Mighty 3’s can be a stressful occupation! Equally, Dylan Masson could not find his way into the confines of Broughton High School (where the game was being played) as his van was spotted touring the site in ever decreasing circles.

Subsequently, the game started with a winger, Matt Harold, volunteering to play in the back row and Dave Allan, as the only sub, looking more than a little nervous at the prospect of potentially having to play as a forward. Fortunately, after a couple of minutes Dylan managed to breach Broughton’s perimeter and things settled down somewhat.

Then, an enthusiastic but novice referee made it an interesting encounter for both teams! However, the old adage of “no game without the referee” is always true. Everybody has to start somewhere and with experience and tuition comes knowledge. “BSR”, our esteemed president, was the happiest man on the pitch as the laws of rugby have always been a mystery to him anyway! Despite a somewhat unstructured match, the RBG countered Northern’s forward dominated approach with some sizzling handling and great support play. Riccardo Burrows and James Pearmund, at half back, brought control to the mayhem going on around them and Andy Bryce, Josh Goodman and Elliot Ruthven in particular revelled in the broken field play, the latter two scoring 6 tries between them. The pack performed well in difficult circumstances and all had their moments in attack and defence. It would be remiss not to mention Dylan Russell’s try when he burst from a maul 40 metres out and outpaced (his word not our’s!) the covering players to score in the corner.

Thanks to Edinburgh Northern, always a very hospitable club, for the game and the special award presented to Russell Geddes for consuming 6 of their pies in the clubhouse after the game. This feat has never been recorded before in the club’s history. Apparently, it is a normal part of Russell’s training regime!

Also farewell to Stu Thom. We wish him well for his move to Northern Ireland.

Philip Waine

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