Safety / Conduct


All coaches have completed or are in the process of undergoing coaching courses run by the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU). A major aspect of these courses is to ensure the safety of your children when playing rugby.

We have first aid boxes at Inverleith to deal with minor injuries. At both our own and away tournaments, there is generally additional first aid support provided by the Red Cross, or similar.

All coaches have submitted Disclosure Scotland forms and operate in accordance with the Club’s Child Protection Policy.

Please note that coaches do not take a register of attendance at training, so parents/carers remain responsible for their children at all times. Therefore parents should stay whilst training is progress in the very unlikely event of injury or illness.



If your child has a relevant medical condition, in addition to completing the registration form please advise your Year Group Coach who will communicate with the relevant coaches to ensure that it is taken into consideration when planning your child’s participation in a training session.


Gumshields/mouthguards are highly advisable for Cubs & P3 players and compulsory for P4 upwards.

Boot Studs

Studs with jagged edges pose a serious danger to other players, particularly in the older age groups where there is more likelihood of players lying on the ground. Unless boots have moulded plastic soles, it is important that studs are examined regularly to ensure missing studs are replaced and rough edges smoothed. Studs must also comply to the British Kite Regulations. Plastic studs should not be used.

Severe Weather Clothing

All players should come adequately equipped to cope with the weather conditions that can occur during the winter months. If players are freezing, they are unlikely to enjoy themselves and may be put off mini rugby.


If any player suffers a knock which results in momentary unconsciousness, confusion, memory loss or unsteadiness, then there is evidence of definite concussion injuries. The player in question should be taken from the field of play.

Please note that in any event, irrespective of their age, the player has a compulsory twenty one days off rugby.

The Scottish Government has recently issued guidance in relation to concussion in sport which all coaches are aware of and is recommended reading for all parents.

Tetanus Injection

If not already done so players should have a preventative course of tetanus injections. General Practitioners should be able to advise.



The SRU’s insurance policy will only cover paid-up members when playing and being coached at Inverleith and when playing on behalf of the Club at tournaments.

It is, therefore, imperative that players pay their membership fees as early as possible and before tournaments commence. Selection for tournaments will be based upon ‘paid up’ members only.

Child Protection Policy August 2014

Code of Conduct for Safeguarding Children in Rugby

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