How to Join Us

Lions Membership Details

There are two methods of paying subscription either through this online form or via Club 1874 (link on bottom right of this web page). Club 1874 gives you season tickets to the Stew Mel FP club as well as some additional benefits that are not available anywhere else.

To register your child with the Stew Mel Lions, please fill in the registration details below, press submit and then complete the payment through paypal.

Data Protection Stewart’s Melville Mini Rugby Club will record and use the foregoing information for the purposes of establishing and maintaining Club membership and for providing or administering Club activities for the benefit of the individual Club members only.  The information will not be used otherwise, and will not be released to third parties. In addition, there may be occasions when the Club will reproduce photographs of players on the Club website, Club social networking sites and in Club programmes and similar Club promotional materials. As the parent/guardian of the above named Club member, by pressing submit, you are deemed to have consented to the information and any such photographs being recorded and used accordingly. If you do not consent to some or all of the foregoing, please notify in writing and pass to a member of the Stewart’s Melville Lions Committee.