British Lions Calling You

British Lions Calling You

With the season temporarily on ice with the Autumn Internationals ” The Management ” are keen to get the show back on the road for the 3rd XV at Currie.

We would like to invite all those who pitched up at Forrester’s to meet up at 11.30am at Malleny Park Saturday 26th November.

There will be a few fallers but it’s only fair for those who played so well to be given first refusal.

Richard Borthwick has confirmed. Cash would struggle to make our line up with the quality of players we have.

From memory we had ;

Richard Borthwick, Sean Nisbet, Hayden Mourtis, Hayden Lingard ,Graeme Mitchell, Rory Anderson, Andrew Brock, Ally Duncan, Martin Kemp, Lindsay Ross

Calum MacDonald, John Hancock, Andrew Mustard, Gregor McPhail, Tom Croy

Andy Bryce, Sam Croy

The call has gone out! We want you!

Fin – Former Lion

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