Academy Update : The Importance of Flexibility – 28th February

Academy Update : The Importance of Flexibility – 28th February

After a tough set of fixtures against Watson’s on Saturday, the Sunday Session at the Stewart’s Melville Academy focussed on the importance of flexibility.

The session was led by Richard Worrall who, as well as playing rugby himself, is the physio for the Stewart’s Melville RFC team. This level of expertise was great for the boys as it gave them an insight into the physical requirements of rugby as it is played at a higher level.

Richard covered how flexibility is important for each position, as he listed the specific benefits from front rows to the outside backs. It was great for the group to see as boys in all positions were able to grasp the relevance for themselves. Richard also made it clear that flexibility was a major key to injury prevention, particularly for muscle tears and strains.

This initial part of the presentation was then followed by the importance of the warm-up and cool-down. Richard then led a warm up for both the U16s and U14s, taking them through a series of static and dynamic stretches before the age groups split for two touch games. After the games, both groups reconvened for a cool-down which, as Richard explained, is massively helpful for injury prevention, muscle soreness and flexibility.

Many thanks to Richard, who led the session, as well as the many other coaches who gave up their time to help at the session.

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