Academy Update : Specialist Skills – 20th August 2015

On Sunday 20th August over 40 boys made their way to Inverleith for a specialist skills session run by the new Stewart’s Melville Academy.

After the boys had been introduced to their coaches and warmed up, they were split into two backs groups and two forwards groups and were sent to different stations to work on position specific skills for the first half an hour.

The front rows worked with Angus Wallace, and Connor McKay to focus on their body height and technique in the scrum; Neil Graham and Jamie Berrisford worked with the second and back rows on their roles in attack and defence; the half backs and centres worked with Robert Christie, Ali Greig and Andrew Manson, focussing on their lines of running and support play; and the back three worked with Ciaran Whyte, Ross McCann and Ryan James on their defensive alignment, fielding the high ball and kicking on the run.

After finishing their position specific work, the group was split into two backlines and two forward packs. The backs were able to use their training from the previous session, bringing in new running and support lines to their existing strike moves, ultimately improving their effectiveness. The forwards also worked on their set piece, continuing the scrummaging work from the morning, but this time as a full pack, as well as more technical work for the jumpers and lifters at the line out.

It proved a very useful and productive session for everyone involved. Feedback from the coaches was very positive as they could see clear improvement for the boys across all areas. Thank you to all the coaches who gave up their time to help at the academy, particularly the external coaches who were brought in to assist with this weekend’s session. Next weekend’s session will focus on game sense contact and the player’s will update their IPDPs..

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