Academy Update : Academy Lunch 5 December 2015

Saturday 5 December it was a very quiet scene at Inverleith with the cancellation of all rugby due to the horrendous weather of the past week. However the light was shining on the first Stewart`s Melville RFCAcademy lunch which saw close to one hundred people show support for the new initiative.

Colin Rigby opened the lunch with a welcome from the senior club to all players, parents, coaches, managers and the usual match day lunch club. Colin explained the importance of the academy to the club and how it was great to see such a large turnout of people and congratulated everyone for their hard work to date, in what has been a very successful start for the academy.

The lunch progressed and gave everyone an opportunity to mingle, socialise and was then followed by guest speaker Scotland and British Lion legend Finlay Calder. Finlay spoke about the history of the club and how the current players would be part of that history if they continued to commit to the academy programme. He continued to speak about player welfare and how the academies approach would ensure players would receive the greatest opportunity to maximise their rugby playing potential. Finlay also relayed some rugby stories from his past and present which thoroughly entertained the audience.

Ralph Campbell gave a summary of the academy programme to date and thanked everyone for their efforts.

The lunch was concluded with a raffle which included a signed ball by Serge Blanco, Robert Jones, David Campese and Finlay himself and finally an auction of a signed Canterbury Crusaders rugby shirts which concluded a great lunch.

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