7th January – Call To Arms!

7th January – Call To Arms!

Calling all to arms on Saturday 7th January at Inverleith, where the 2nds are playing Aberdeenshire and the 3rds are due to play Dalkeith.

As Gavin S is still on honeymoon (in my day we got married in the close season …. blah blah blah!), the brothers Grimm will oversee both sides, ably assisted, as always, by Lawrance, Richard, possibly Simon (pending his new hip) and our latest recruit to the Management team, Bert from Baghdad!

On Friday 13th January, we have agreed to play at Penicuik under floodlights  – so, if you want to be considered for the evening match … you know the form.

John Hancock, Ross MacPhail, Rob Ogley, Rory Anderson, Craig Smith – where are you hiding??

On another matter, for the 3rds, we have challenged Max Downie (if you recall, our arch nemesis) to a decider play off against Currie before the end of the season. Max reckons we have been, by miles, the best opposition, both on and off the pitch, so we must so do that, too (young folk today seem to stick a random ‘so’ into conversation – just keeping up!) 

So get yourselves down on Facebook or Twitter or whatever medium you wish and make it known if you can play – let Graeme know early, too.

Please pitch up by 1 pm at Inverleith on 7th January so we can get organised.

The 1st XV play away vs Jed.

Further dates for the diary: Saturday 4th February for the Irish pre international lunch at Mary Erskine’s and Saturday 1st April for the Awards Dinner in the Clubhouse.

Fin & Jim (the brothers Grimm)

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