3rd XV vs Linlithgow 2s: OFF!

3rd XV vs Linlithgow 2s: OFF!

The squad for Saturday is as follows: 

– Gav Macgregor
– George Hipwell
– Yoss (unless called up again by his mates at Goldenacre)
– Ric Clark
– Ally Duncan
– Ash Boddy
– Chaz Campbell
– Rory Shannon
– Sully
– Steven Parker
– Alex Shaw (+ Gappy)
– Robin Turnbull
– Euan Kidd
– Gary Trewartha
– Brycey
– Graeme Mitchell
– Fraser Rankine

 The game will kick off at Mains Park at 2 pm.

Could do with a few more to make sure we have optimal squad rotation, so let me know if you’re keen. Probably best to text me (07870 918528) tomorrow as I will not have access to emails for most of the day. 

The aim is to get the train to Linlithgow that leaves Waverley at 12:45 (and Haymarket not too long after that for those of you who are hopping on there). 

A couple of boys are driving so let me know if you need a lift (and have a good excuse for not sampling the fine pubs of Linlithgow) and I will see if anyone taking a car is willing to take passengers. 



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