3rd XV for Saturday 29th October

3rd XV for Saturday 29th October

Like a Cordon Bleu chef assembling the finest local produce for his ‘mis en place’, Stu Thom – Inverleith’s answer to the sainted Anthony Bourdain – has concocted the following tasting platter for tomorrow’s Iron Chef battle against a Rodney team largely made up of Brains, Neeps, Stodge and Brawn:

– Rick Clark
– Gav MacGregor
– Shagger
– Chaz Campbell
– Ash Boddy
– Duncan Calder
– Richie Munro
– Danger
– Stu Thom
– Fraser Rankine 
– Darren Hoyland
– Dave Tweedie
– Stuart Arbuckle
– Robin Turnbull
– George Hipwell
– Jamie Crook
– Gregor Hayworth
– Daryl Teague
– Cropper
– Arran Mackail
– Alasdair Hutchison
– Jonny Brock
– Steven Jackson

Rumours that the winners of the Stockaree Stramash get handed the keys of the lamentably vacant L’Aquila Bianca cannot be confirmed at this time.

And, while we’re here, there’s a great article about the Red, Black and Gold in tonight’s ‘News‘. But beware of picking up the hard copy version of the paper, as it contains (ugh) Dirty Ginger Pictures. 


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