3rd XV for Saturday 17th September

3rd XV for Saturday 17th September

Here’s the squad for tomorrow as it presently stands.

You will see there are quite a few front and back row so there will have to be some “accommodation” in places when we take the field.

We only have 17 definites – so no call offs – and need TBCs to become Cs. A few more would be useful, as well, so chase some friends.

We’ll meet at Inverleith at 1 pm  – come with car if you can and we’ll take things from there. We’ll also look into practicalities for any wanting a short crawl and train back to the ‘Burgh.

Please note I can only access email up to 3 pm this afternoon and, after that, can only be got on 07973 253234.

I known Nick Kelsey stays in North Berwick and so will be going directly. The ground is at the east end of the town, up the hill. If anyone else is going direct, please tell me!

Rory Shannon
Nick Kelsey
Gavin McGregor
Stephen Thomas
Toby Hartley
Nick Whittle
Chas Campbell
Fergus Lamont
Richie Munro
Euan Kidd
Fraser Rankine
Greg Ruthven
Andy Bryce
Robin Turnbull
Danger (TBC)
Gregor Hayworth (TBC)
George Hipwell (TBC) 

And me, if needed! Subject to possible ref commitments. 

See you all tomorrow.


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