2nd XV vs Melrose: Match Report

2nd XV vs Melrose: Match Report

There was a good buzz around Inverleith before kick off, with all the teams playing at home for the first time this season. Melrose only managed to scrape together 15 boys and no subs for the trip up to Edinburgh, but they did include our old friends Ruairi McLeod and Alec Jessop.

We came flying out of the blocks and some good hands put Christy through the gap; with a couple of good steps, he squeezed over in the corner.

With our tails up, we were opening Melrose up with every attack. With the forwards dominating the set piece, the backs again put together some good hands and young Sims hit a great line to dot down. He coped well with his late inclusion in the starting line up and showed some classy hands throughout the day.

Jordan, who got himself back in the pack, powered his way through a tackle and gave an off load to Christy, who hit a great angle and scored his second within the first 15 minutes. He must have thought he was definitely on for a “Patrick”.

Melrose heads must have been going down by this stage, and, after some good ‘picking and going’ in their 22, they allowed Dylan to run an aggressive line and dive over to score. He put together a fine performance all day, putting in some huge hits. This score brought up the bonus point within the first 20 minutes.

We were all over Melrose and should have put on a cricket score, however we then took our foot off the gas and let a gritty Melrose team get back into the game. Some slack defence allowed their 10 to glide through a gap and score a try just before half time. 

The second half started well, but, due to some poor decision making and weak hands, we failed to add to the score. Melrose then made a break up the wing and kicked it in behind. Christy did well to chase back and secure the ball, but the resulting clearance kick by Ziggy was charged down and they scored in the corner.

We were making very hard work of the game. It seemed like every time we got in a good position, we knocked on. This was due to us trying to score off every phase and trying to force the game too much. We did eventually cross their line, with a marauding run by Nick Kesley ending with him scoring under the posts.

As we reach the half way point in the season, our ambition is demonstrated by the fact that we are disappointed with a bonus point win against Melrose. We now have four games left before Christmas and we have a great opportunity to put together a good finish to the year. 

There were so many chances to finish off Melrose that were not taken due to a host of people vying for the DotD pink cardigan:

  • Bambi cruising in to score a try, not realising there was a Melrose boy chasing him down who held him up over the line
  • Sims putting in a great double miss pass straight into touch when we had a two man overlap
  • Mickey’s woeful attempt at a drop goal from the 10 metre which barely made the 22

But the winner was Zeges for his shocking decision, after a line break, to kick the ball through when he had players on both sides of him and only one Melrose defender in front of him. 

A big thanks to Nick for stepping up to play prop again and to Murray for answering a call at 11:45 and being down at Inverleith for 12:30.

Andy Fraser

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