Thank you and Merry Christmas

Thank you and Merry Christmas

As we close on 2019 it would be poor form not to thank so many folk involved at Inverleith for, although we find ourselves in the mix in both National Two and in the Reserve League, it has certainly not happened by accident. The collective efforts involved from everyone have been quite immense and I would like to thank each and everyone involved getting us to this point.

But without the players and the coaches there is no rugby club therefore enormous thanks, in the first instance, must go to them. Under Cash, and his young coaching team of Alex Hagart, Dave Hampton, Jonny Else and Gavin McLeod, a new wave of enthusiasm has been brought to training sessions since the get-go in early July. Sharp sessions have kept the players on their toes and the recent run of results, going seven games unbeaten at first team level, is in no small way down them.

In April 2018 confidence was low when we finally succumbed to inevitable relegation. We frankly stood on the abyss as a Club but the vast majority of players stayed, rolled up their sleeves, and have restored pride in themselves. This they have done in spades and great credit to them all but especially to Captain, Fraser ‘Momo’ Morrison, who has guided, cajoled, enthused and driven his young cubs on. He is a lion of man both on and off the park and no-one has done more to pull the Club up by the stocking tops! Huge thank you Momo!

But sometimes though you have to be lucky and our luck certainly changed when Frenchman, Scott Alldritt, walked through the clubhouse door back in March. Sure it has been massive team efforts on match days but no-one would argue that Scott has been the difference to our performances. Thank you Scott, not only for what you bring to the party on the pitch but, by all accounts, the party life you live off it!! One day Chairman beckons …… you have all the credentials!!

Behind the scenes our small team of Doctors and Physios under Dr Andy and Vanessa bring a professionalism that, I believe, is unequalled in Club rugby in Scotland. We, as a Club, are immensely grateful to them for their faithful support and care for the sixty or so young men who have pledged themselves to Inverleith.

Whilst the medical care is the basis of keeping squads on the park, the players have played a huge part in reducing time in the medical room getting themselves into far better condition pre-season. Under strength and conditioning guru Andy Smith, twenty lads signed up to his gym, bulked up and worked so hard throughout the summer to get themselves into far better shape. The results quite frankly reflect this. Thank you Andy!!

As Rhys Morgan found moving from the playing field to Manager of the 1st team there is a so much that goes on behind the match day experience. Rhys has been a complete star and huge thanks to him supporting not only the coaches but the players too. Every training night kit is laid out and water bottles filled. Match day too he is on the prowl still wrestling with retirement. Trust me you never get used to it Rhys ……

To Lindsey Geddes, Laura McIntosh, Denise, David, Willie, Joyce and Eileen who all keep the show on the road on training nights and match days we are enormously grateful to them all in the quiet way they support, with humour, all of us throughout the season. But it is though a two way street and I would like to think that the mass show of support to Denise, during the passing of her much loved husband Brian, demonstrated that our club, is indeed, a great club.

So who’s left?

The committee of course who meet once a month to keep us all together. To CJ especially for all his diligence keeping us on the right side of Murrayfield with the streams of information that flow outwards on what seems on almost an hourly basis!

To Kevin Murchie who provides such insightful match day reports and to Phil Waine who, despite it all through rain and hail, cannot resist helping out with his weekly column, many hands and all that.

Lastly thank you to all the supporters and sponsors who have remained so faithful to the cause over the years.

Inverleith is a special place, especially on match days, and this is down, in no small way, to the tireless work of President Simon and VP Bill. What an energy they bring to match-day hospitality but also heading off to all airts on away days. Huge thanks to the pair of them from the entire club, for all you do.

So let’s push on now and finish the project we started eighteen months back.

Peaceful Christmas to you all.


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