100 Club Winners

100 Club Winners

After a year and a bit of being President of this fine rugby club, maybe – just maybe – I am finally starting to get on top of my To Do list.

I say that because, after far too long, we’ve managed to sort out the paperwork of the 100 Club, and can announce the following winners to bring us bang up to date.

All prizes are £100 unless otherwise stated.

November 2017G. Walker
December 2017J.S. Mainland (£500)
January 2018R.M. Hourston
February 2018D.A. Gibson
March 2018C. Brown
April 2018K.J. Harvey
May 2018B. McDougall
June 2018J. Crispin (£500)
July 2018R. Murray
August 2018J.R. Wright
September 2018S.A. Kerr

I would ask that all of the winners email Glenda McNie so she can get their bank details from them and send them their winnings.

That’s also the address to email if you’d like to join the 100 Club – it’s only £5 a month, provides the Club with an invaluable revenue stream and (most importantly) gives members a chance to win prizes like these.

Draws will be made and winners advised on the website on a monthly basis going forward.


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